EMAI History

A success story based on a long experience ...

EMAI Composites’ founder, Mr Mario CIANCIO, started his career in 1979 making Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (FRP) insulators for the French electricity giant, EDF.

He then worked for the leading European Filament Winding (FW) machine builder at the time, PLASTREX MANURHIN, as a start up engineer. He accumulated experiences in many productions: FRP/GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) tubes & tanks, both low & high pressures, carbon fibre or epoxy tube.

In 1989, he created EMAI Composites and since then, the company served prestigious companies like EADS or ALSTOM in France, ESA & SIEMENS in Germany, AMIANTIT in Saudi Arabia, etc ...

EMAI is a recognized filament winding specialist in the industry, by clients and suppliers alike.

EMAI customer’s base stretches today from Europe to Asia including Middle East and Africa, in more than 25 countries.

3D model of collapsible mandrel for filament winding machines

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